Upcoming Retreats and Tours

You have been asking for our 2019 dates for our Cambodia creative retreats and culinary tours and we’ve finally locked in dates in and you’ll find those on the links below.

They’ll take the same form as our past small-group trips: itineraries concentrating on deep culinary and cultural experiences in and around Siem Reap and Battambang and excursions to rustic villages and breathtaking temples, including the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage listed Angkor Wat and the Angkor Archaeological Park.

In partnership with our carefully-chosen Cambodian experts, we’ll immerse you in the rich culture and everyday life of this wonderful country and will give you a taste of the highly underrated and much misunderstood Cambodian cuisine. We’ll introduce you to the passionate locals who cook the food, sell it, and make the ingredients that go into producing it, and in the process, show you the Cambodia with which we’ve fallen in love.

Highlights include stays in beautiful boutique hotels, delicious meals at authentic local eateries and the best Cambodian restaurants, walks through lively local markets, mouthwatering street food tours, hands-on cooking classes, a 3-day culinary adventure to Cambodia’s ‘rice bowl’ of Battambang, and fun tuk tuk trundles into the bucolic countryside surrounding both cities.


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